AREA 52 042: “Jurassholes”


What if a few species of dinosaurs had survived and still roamed the earth today? Crazy! Right? Well, in the broadest sense, things like alligators and great white sharks are smaller version of their prehistoric ancestors and sure, we have found species both on land and in the ocean that we thought had been extinct for millions of years, but this week, we’re talking about sightings, firsthand reports and even alleged video of actual Jurassic Park-style dinosaurs still walking and swimming, on Earth.

We talk everything from Africa’s Mokele M’bele and the famous ‘Dino of Loch Ness,’ to Pterodactyl sightings over Alaska and sea serpent attacks.

We also offer our take on flat earth, sky sounds over Arizona, viewer UFO sightings, fish skin burn care and lots more.

We got a little carried away. Enjoy and subscribe!