CRE8TIVITY 130: “Edison House”

EDISON HOUSE is been in the heart and mind of George Cardon-Bystry for quite sometime and it’s become a reality! Dylan chats with George about the upcoming groundbreaking, how it all started, the importance of community, work side-by-side with his brother and more! This episode recorded in the lovely podcasting room at kiln. at The […]

AREA 52 046: “The Ripper”

In the fall of 1888, 5 women were killed and mutilated on the streets of the ‘White Chapel District,’ of London. Their deaths, while not uncommon, were extra violent and some say even ritualistic and would lead police, investigators and unsolved crime enthusiasts on an over century-long wild goose chase to try and figure out […]

DIRTPOD 044: “Cannabis Corpse”

This week, friend of the podcast and human music trivia machine, Jay Horrocks, stops by to see if Guy can stump him. We also discuss the maddeningly specific circumstances under which Guy will smoke pot for the first time and why we might actually be able to pull it off this year, the non-stop summer […]

AREA 52 042: “Jurassholes”

What if a few species of dinosaurs had survived and still roamed the earth today? Crazy! Right? Well, in the broadest sense, things like alligators and great white sharks are smaller version of their prehistoric ancestors and sure, we have found species both on land and in the ocean that we thought had been extinct […]

CRE8TIVITY 010: “Chris Blackburn”

Hey everyone, Dylan here! I found out about CHRIS BLACKBURN through a mutual friend. When I heard that he was doing FREE! paper negative portraits I thought it would be incredibly interesting to go get the pictures done and interview him about them! This new Your Cre8tivity episode is short and sweet! Check it out! CHRIS BLACKBURN: Facebook […]