DROPPIN DIMES 001: “Defining Sports with DJ Fisher!”

Droppin’ Dimes kicked off their very first podcast with DJ Fisher, Founder of Defining Sports, an agency ‘representing heroes in sports, legends in life.’ Fisher, along with Brittany Johnson and Sascha Blume, touched on a lot of the hot topics surrounding the world of sport right now. A community activist himself, Fisher takes pride in […]

AREA 52 046: “The Ripper”

In the fall of 1888, 5 women were killed and mutilated on the streets of the ‘White Chapel District,’ of London. Their deaths, while not uncommon, were extra violent and some say even ritualistic and would lead police, investigators and unsolved crime enthusiasts on an over century-long wild goose chase to try and figure out […]

CRE8TIVITY 010: “Chris Blackburn”

Hey everyone, Dylan here! I found out about CHRIS BLACKBURN through a mutual friend. When I heard that he was doing FREE! paper negative portraits I thought it would be incredibly interesting to go get the pictures done and interview him about them! This new Your Cre8tivity episode is short and sweet! Check it out! http://lennondesignllc.com/wp-content/audio/cre8tivity/cre8tivity-ep010.mp3 CHRIS BLACKBURN: Facebook […]