AREA 52 046: “The Ripper”

The Ripper

In the fall of 1888, 5 women were killed and mutilated on the streets of the ‘White Chapel District,’ of London.

Their deaths, while not uncommon, were extra violent and some say even ritualistic and would lead police, investigators and unsolved crime enthusiasts on an over century-long wild goose chase to try and figure out who did it.

Was it done to cover up a royal scandal? Was it a giant conspiracy involving the highest powers in the land? Or was it just a man who walked the streets and killed with no motive other than his own bloodlust?

No matter who it was or why he did it, no one can argue that these crimes were horrifying, disgusting and memorable, so join us this week as we, well, dissect the bloody facts and fibs of the legend of Jack the Ripper!