AREA 52 072: “Fear & Loathing at The Grove”

In a follow up to our last episode that covered the unbelievable story of missing child, Johnny Gosch, this week we delve even deeper into this insane world of kidnapping and human trafficking to see how far it actually goes. From stories of sexual assault and murder at one of the most secretive gatherings in the world to rumors of abuse going all the way to the Oval Office, this story seems to go deeper than we could ever imagine.

So join us this week as we break down even more of victim Paul Bonacci’s awful claims, discuss a photographer who said he was framed and his life ruined for filming at these horrible, high society events and discuss the rumors that famous gonzo journalist, Hunter S. Thompson, not only attended these events, but was possibly also involved in murder and shooting snuff films for the world’s wealthy and elite.

Be warned, this is a rough one.