SOUNDCHECK 039: “Penalty of Treason”

“Penalty of Treason.” stopped by The Salt Lake Soundcheck Sunday…March, 3rd 2019! Find out their hobbies, and there is something they would like to clear up….listen in and go see them at Wee Blu Inn on Saturday night along with A Balance of Power and Dipped In Whiskey for Casey Newton’s Metal Night.

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The Salt Lake Soundcheck Playlist 03.3.19

(Highlighted Songs are Featured in Podcast)
Penalty of Treason – Erase The Past 
A Balance of Power – Lose Yourself To The Pit
Penalty of Treason – Cut Your Losses
Outside Infinity – Told Ya So
Dipped In Whiskey – Song of The Sea
Penalty of Treason – Derealization
Chronic Trigger – United We Taco
Penalty of Treason – Bleed By Example