SOUNDCHECK 045: “Life Has A Way (LHAW)”

This is their last gig on The Salt Lake Soundcheck, Life Has A Way has one more show at The Royal, Friday May 10th, 2019. Listen as we celebrate the life of Life Has A Way and play requests from fans in the studio and hear stories from the fans. You’ll find out why they named the band ‘Life Has A Way,’ and how long the band has been together and you’ll get to hear new songs of the new album “UGLY”!

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The Salt Lake Soundcheck Playlist 05.05.19

(Highlighted Songs are Featured in Podcast)

Life Has A Way – G.F.B.F.U

Life Has A Way – UGLY

Life Has A Way – Rage and Ruin

Life Has A Way – Wake Up With Whiskey

Life Has A Way – SBP (Sick Bitch Pickin’)

Life Has A Way – Unity

Life Has A Way – Who’s The Boss

Life Has A Way – Metro (By Berlin)