TONY PARKS 009: “Frank Layden, Part 2”

Coach Layden joined the Tony Parks Podcast to talk about the scouting report of John and Karl before they were drafted, coach Sloan’s impact on helping those guys get to an elite level, what it was like to attend Jackie Robinson’s first game and the classic player Mike Trout reminds him of most.

00:10 Scouting report of John and Karl before drafting them
04:54 The moment John and Karl had something special was because of addition and subtraction
06:14 Sloan’s impact on greatly accelerating John and Karl.
09:48 Growing up in Brooklyn
13:20 Why he is so attached to baseball
14:38 Being at Jackie Robinson’s first game
26:45 Changes he would make to baseball
28:48 Who is Mike Trout most like from a different era?
30:41 Most heartbreaking loss as a fan
31:10 The experience of watching Bobby Thompson’s Shot Heard Round the World
33:05 Karl Malone takes good care of his old coach
34:13 Former athlete, he enjoyed meeting and talking with most
36:30 Why he is so giving