SKETCH 001: “Traumatic Hot Dogs”

In the inaugural episode of Sketch Sandwich, Jason and Natashia find themselves in way over their heads when they get “advice” from an experienced broadcaster they’re introduced to by their producer. They learn about DJ voices, radio bits, contests and cocaine!Mainly, they learn not to let their producer help them ever again.

STUPID 001: “Ummm….. But What About Prom?”

“How did you learn social skills?” “So what was that like?  Did you just watch cartoons all day?” On our first episode we are going to find out what it is like to be home schooled. Tune in for our first show as Jason asks fellow comedian Eileen Dobbins about what it was like being home schooled. SUBSCRIBE: […]

OUR 113: “Andy Gold & Michelle Bodkin” This is the last show of Ol’ Ute Radio at the University of Utah and KUTE-Radio. Have no worries we will restart the show soon. On this finale episode comedian Andy Gold sits in as co host and the boys discuss comedy, porn, strippers and violence in football. Michelle Bodkin from joins the […]