JOCKULARITY 017: “Sean ‘The Real OC’ O’Connell Edition” UFC Fighter and ESPN 700 host Sean “The Real OC” O’Connell calls in to discuss his MMA and radio careers, his weigh-in antics and his upcoming matchup with Anthony “The Hippo” Perosh in Adelaide, Australia. Then Rick Aaron & Dave Wilbur discuss Bill Walton, a horse racing shock jock and play a round of Sport/Not a […]

STUPID 002: “The Junkyard”

In this week’s episode of Stupid Questions w/ Jason Harvey, Jason is joined by fellow Salt Lake comedian Natashia Mower and Minka Krasiva Hole. Minka is a beautiful, fun, and friendly trans-individual living in Utah.  Holy shit! Can you imagine some of the stupid questions/statements she has to put up? Well, imagine no more.This was a fantastic interview. […]

JOCKULARITY 016: “Sweet 16 Edition” Recovering from the Podcaster Combine in Secaucus, New Jersey, Rick Aaron & Dave Wilbur talk about: the NFL Combine, kid prodigies in sports, the Enes Kanter trade effect on the Utah Jazz. The Jocularity Show also discusses the Chicago Bull’s MVP Derrick Rose’s latest injury and ESPN’s newfound love of the sport called cricket. Dave sheds some […]

STUPID 001: “Ummm….. But What About Prom?”

“How did you learn social skills?” “So what was that like?  Did you just watch cartoons all day?” On our first episode we are going to find out what it is like to be home schooled. Tune in for our first show as Jason asks fellow comedian Eileen Dobbins about what it was like being home schooled. SUBSCRIBE: […]

JOCKULARITY 015: “Mark Durrant Edition” BYU basketball radio color analyst Mark Durrant joins Rick and Dave in the studio to discuss his career(s) as a player, broadcaster, attorney and author. Mark shares his insight on Cougars’ stars Tyler Haws and Kyle Collinsworth, working with play-by-play partner Greg Wrubell and writing his novel “Over The Wall: The Bean Greene Chronicles”. […]

JOCKULARITY 014: “Scott Mitchell Edition” Former University of Utah and NFL quarterback Scott Mitchell stops in to talk about his career with the Utes, backing up Dan Marino in Miami, his NFL debut with the Dolphins, playing in the WLAF, the prolific Detroit Lions offense of the mid 90’s and what motivated his participation in the NBC reality show […]