CRE8TIVITY 011: “Matt Page” (Blog)

Being in Utah, Mormonism is just part of our culture! Like it or not! MATT PAGE is local illustrator and designer who is able respectfully lampoon it with incredible artwork and style! In Your Own Words, Describe What You Do. For me personally, I kind of feel like the only way to feel fulfilled is […]

CRE8TIVITY 010: “Jenna Kim Jones” (Blog)

When I first started becoming familiar with the comedy scene in Utah, JENNA KIM JONES was the part of many conversations. At the time, she was working with The Daily Show with John Stewart in New York, ¬†performing time to time at Wiseguys when returning to Utah, all while working clean and killing it. She […]

CRE8TIVITY 009: “Dallas Graham” (Blog)

When I first became aware of DALLAS GRAHAM, it was during a Creative Mornings session at our¬†local Salt Lake City chapter. Dallas was providing a talk on the topic of Collaboration. He shared his story about the Red Fred Project and I have felt connected to the cause ever since. Dallas shared some incredible answers […]

CRE8TIVITY 008: ‚ÄúJamie Lissow‚ÄĚ (Blog)

When Rob Schneider‘s¬†Real Rob debuted back in December on Netflix, I had not heard of JAMIE LISSOW. After seeing the show, seeing his stand-up¬†at Wiseguys and after having a conversation with him, he seemed like an incredible choice to interview for Your Cre8tivity! Hope you enjoy! ¬†1. Describe What You Do. I do stand up […]

CRE8TIVITY 007: “Eileen Dobbins” (Blog)

Comedian EILEEN DOBBINS has been on the Salt Lake comedy scene for quite some time now, her delivery is fun, witty and relatable. Your Cre8tivity is super happy to present her here on the blog to pick her brain, explore her craft and share more about¬†what makes her tick! 1. Describe What You Do? I‚Äôm […]

CRE8TIVITY 003: “Steve Soelberg” (Blog)

A few years ago, I saw STEVE SOELBERG opening for someone at the West Valley Wiseguys. His charismatic delivery and every man observations are spot-on. I have really enjoyed getting to know Steve.¬†Please enjoy the interview below, you may learn a few things. I did! 1. Describe What You Do? Well, the stand-up comedy part […]