OUR 034: “Bob Bedore & Brian Pope”

Johnny McKeon reveals the results from the Warner Brothers Writers Program. Sascha Blume elaborates on his frustrations with the media industry. Johnny announces the end of his long-distance relationship with his girlfriend Sarah Isaacson and follows up with the news that Sarah will be returning to Salt Lake City. Johnny now has to find a […]

OUR 032: “Wiseguy Keith Stubbs”

Johnny McKeon &¬†Sascha Blume close out the show with an interview with Keith Stubbs. Keith shares stories of working the road and the financial struggle as an up and coming stand-up comedian. He elaborates on his methods for remaining confident in the face of adversity and perseverance. Keith also explains his experience in mainstream radio, […]

OUR 031: “Jake Keenum”

http://lennondesignllc.com/wp-content/audio/our/our-ep031.mp3 Director Jake Keenum left the Air Force after serving three years as a diesel mechanic in 2011. He packed his coupe with everything that could fit and left Little Rock, Arkansas to head out west to Utah. Jake had no connections when he arrived to Utah; he left all his friends and family behind. […]


This week’s StubbCast is a little comedy, conversation, great live acoustic music and I’ll tell you all about my trip and my comedy shows in Seattle. My special guests are Tim Gates, Matt Lopez and Brad Hull. These three dudes are Nashville recording artists Due West. http://lennondesignllc.com/wp-content/audio/stubbscast/stubbscast-ep036.mp3


It’s been an insane week. Zimmerman was found not guilty, a Glee star died and Keith Stubbs smacked a deer while driving home from a gig in his beloved Ford Fiesta and now is car-less. ¬†This week‚Äôs special guest on the StubbsCast is comedian Andy Gold. http://lennondesignllc.com/wp-content/audio/stubbscast/stubbscast-ep034.mp3

STUBBSCAST: “Colleen Ballinger”

Bio Coming Soon. http://lennondesignllc.com/wp-content/audio/stubbscast/stubbscast-colleenballinger.mp3 Colleen Ballinger: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Wikipedia |¬†YouTube Miranda Sings:¬†Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Wikipedia |¬†YouTube View this post on Instagram A post shared by StubbsCast (@stubbscast)