DROPPIN DIMES 017: “Salt Lake Tribune’s Lynn Worthy”

In this edition of Droppin Dimes, we welcome the new U of U, Salt Lake Tribune, sports reporter LYNN WORTHY. Join us as we discuss: Ray Lewis, NFL protests, NBA trades, Utah football, Utah basketball and the NCAA basketball scandal. Please join our discussion on Twitter. http://lennondesignllc.com/wp-content/audio/droppin-dimes/017-droppindimes.mp3 https://twitter.com/LWorthySports https://twitter.com/BJohnsonABC4 https://twitter.com/Mr_Blume

DIRTPOD 001: “Beau Knows!”

Guy interviews former cop, NFL player and butt-kicker Beau Babka. We discuss the dirt on cop stories, propositions and what he has seen in back seats of cars. Co-hosting is comedian Andy Gold. http://lennondesignllc.com/wp-content/audio/dirtpod/001-dirtpod.mp3 Beau Babka: Website | Facebook |Ā Instagram |Ā TwitterĀ | YouTube LINKS: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter It’s happening the first episode of @GuySeidel […]

JOCKULARITY 016: “Sweet 16 Edition”

http://lennondesignllc.com/wp-content/audio/jockularity/016-sweet16.mp3 Recovering from the Podcaster Combine in Secaucus, New Jersey, Rick Aaron & Dave Wilbur talkĀ about: the NFL Combine, kid prodigies in sports, the Enes Kanter trade effect on the Utah Jazz.Ā The Jocularity Show also discusses the Chicago Bullā€™s MVP Derrick Rose’s latest injury andĀ ESPN’s newfound love of the sport called cricket. Dave sheds some […]