CRE8TIVITY 102: “100% DAD”

Townsend Russel reached out to Your Cre8tivity via our Instagram account @yourcre8tivity and told us about his road trip with his family throughout the country! Dylan met up with Townsend at the little park just north of the chocolate shop. Dylan & Townsend chatted for just over an hour about the loss of a child, […]

CRE8TIVITY 036: “Mary Dickson”

Once again we load our guest up on chocolate and chat them up! This week, we talk with MARY DICKSON,  KUED’s Director of Creative Services and host of “Contact,” a local television show where she interviews Salt Lake non-profits and artists about their local events. Mary also talks about hosting foreign exchange students. As well […]

CRE8TIVITY 008: “Watchtower Cafe”

WATCHTOWER CAFE is a coffee shop! A super geeky coffee shop! The Your Cre8tivity gang (Dylan, Andrea & Steve) interview the owners, Mike & Cori! We discuss the genesis of Watchtower, the surprises and struggles, the incredible community support, and even where the name came from. Listen to their follow-up episode here: Episode 105 Links: […]

AREA 52 021: “Second Time Around”

Reincarnation is a belief shared by millions of people around the world! Certain religions believe it to be an absolute truth but unfortunately, it’s not something that western science can prove. However, there are documented cases from all around the world of people who say they can remember their past lives! Some of these memories […]

CRE8TIVITY 001: “Huston Huddleston”

Hi everyone, Dylan here! I’m here for my first official episode of the Your Cre8tivity podcast! This new podcast explores the creative side of actors, artists, comedians, directors, podcasters, writers and others, what inspires them and makes them tick. Our first guest is writer-producer HUSTON HUDDLESTON who is the founder of the Hollywood Sci-Fi and Hollywood […]