JOCKULARITY 019: “Bust A Move Edition”

Bust A Move Edition

The Bust A Move Edition of The Jockularity Show starts with a lot of hoopla as Rick Aaron and Dave Wilbur discuss the Utes making the Sweet 16, Georgia State’s upset of Baylor in the NCAA Tournament and all that Jazz, including Greg Miller stepping down as CEO. The boys then turn over a new Leaf as they closely examine the biggest busts in sports and the worst sports inventions such as bullpen cars, the Potty Putter and The Dickerod. Next up it’s a round of Sport/Not A Sport that includes Cheese Rolling, Dwarf Tossing and Buzkashi. Then they wrap things up with Dave’s Electrical Tip and a Runnin’ Utes Big Dance Edition of Tweets of the Week. Add in Morganna, Morrison, Mandarich and Marinovich and it adds up to a Jockularious hour of pod.