CRE8TIVITY 195: “Ken Bretschneider”

For this episode, we welcome serial entrepreneur Ken Bretschneider to the podcast! We discuss his current project Velaflame, the modern candlelight experience! we chat about it’s development, its current Kickstarter (Link below) & more! We also chat about The GRID, a next-level experience center with a growing roster of activities! Velaflame: Website | Kickstarter […]

OTHER 031: “Ryan Jamie”

Our most recent episode features Ryan Jamie, the passionate owner of the unique Mexican restaurant LOLA, in Salt Lake City, Utah. @lolaon9th Ryan‚Äôs an entrepreneur who fell into the restaurant business with no plans of leaving. Through food, kindness, and authenticity, he strives to bring people together and find the thing that sparks joy for […]

OTHER 030: “Rob & Heidi”

Rob & Heidi are both local business owners, entrepreneurs¬†with a passion for mental health that drives all of their initiatives. Focusing especially on the mental health of the youth growing up in Utah. Assisting those to unlearn shame, build emotional regulation skills, and find a sense of belonging. Between workbooks for children and parents to […]

CRE8TIVITY 188: “Jessica Hische”

Lettering artist Jessica Hische joins Dylan (via Zoom) to chat about her careers as a designer, author, brick & mortar retail shop (2 actually), speaker, instructor and more! They talk about her time working with Wes Anderson on Moonrise Kingdom, as well as her new book that comes out in October! LINKS Jessica Hische: […]

CRE8TIVITY 187: “Ernie O’Donnell Returns”

Ernie O’Donnell returns to the podcast to chat about SModcastle Cinemas! Ernie grew up going to this theater with his friend Kevin Smith and now they are owners and partners there! Dylan is joined by You Cre8tivity alumni and film critic Valerie Cameron to talk about films, the theater experience, theater seats and more! Ernie […]