OTHER 019: “Scott Lippitt”

Scott Lippitt is a singer-songwriter based in Salt Lake City who is fascinated with the question, “How does one create a meaningful life?”. With a musical style reminiscent of Elliott Smith, Scott explores this concept through his melancholic, yet bright songs. Scott also works as a peer supporter for Cheetah House – an organization helping […]

OTHER 018: “Derek Kitchen”

Derek Kitchen is the state senator representing District 9 as well as running a local restaurant called Laziz! Derek is running for re-election and we dig into some of the bills he has been working tirelessly to get passed. If you care about women’s health, restorative justice, the local housing crisis, and true collaborative democracy […]

CRE8TIVITY 162: “Dale Allen-Rowse”

Multi-hyphenate Dale Allen-Rowse joined our own Dylan last week to chat about his new book series, dealing with dystonia, many of his past adventures (ballerino, dancer, broadway, and even porn… ), and why he is now a shamanic practitioner and more! http://lennondesignllc.com/wp-content/audio/cre8tivity/cre8tivity-ep162.mp3 Social Media: Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube