Elizabeth Leach
Elizabeth Leach - Co-Host

Elizabeth is a local SLC comedienne, and worker bee. The busiest body, with a million different pots in the kitchen at all times. From writing, to comedy, to getting hit by cars on her bike- Elizabeth often finds herself living out the real-life plot of a Seinfeld episode. Elizabeth enjoys having a laugh, laying in the sun like a lizard, and takes brunch very seriously.

Lo Peterson
Lo Peterson - Co-Host

Lo is a local SLC delegator. No one has ever organized as efficiently, nor described expectations of others as fluidly as Lo. A true queen of Excel, and all things cozy - Lo is often found in a robe, at home, with her cats. Interior design and mood boards are her steeze, and she easily sees exactly what everyone is best at. Lo's favorite season is Winter -and it shows.

Other People's Stories
Other People's Stories -

Other People's Stories feature local reformers of Salt Lake City. We ask these local innovators and free thinkers about who they are, what their values are, what lights their fire, and how they got to be where they are. They share their stories and Elizabeth and Lo are there to capture their essence. From artists to business owners we want to ask -who are you?

Alt-Wrong Podcast
Alt-Wrong Podcast -