JOCKULARITY 022: “How ‘Bout This Jockularity”

How 'Bout This Jockularity

On this episode of The Jockularity Show, The booming baritone of longtime Utah Jazz P.A. Announcer Dan Roberts fills the studio as he talks about working courtside for 36 Jazz seasons and announcing the legendary 1979 Magic vs. Bird NCAA Championship Game. Dan also fills us in on meeting Wilt Chamberlain, “the Mailman delivers” and the four-letter word he once let slip. Then Rick Aaron and Dave Wilbur discuss their sports pet peeves, play a round of Sport/Not A Sport, plug in to Dave’s Electrical Tip and then talk about ESPN reporter Britt McHenry’s sore tow. Lose some weight baby girl, it’s time for Jockularity!