JOCKULARITY 030: “High School Hijinks”

High School Hijinks

On this edition of The Jockularity Show Rick Aaron & Dave Wilbur get the ball rolling with the MLB All Star Game, Home Run Derby and Mike Trout. Then they discuss the upcoming college football season including the Utah Utes, BYU Cougars and the Khaki Bowl matchup between Kyle Whittingham and Jim Harbaugh. Brett Favre, Mike Tyson & Andre the Giant highlight the top athlete cameos in movies and TV before the show wraps up with the best high school nicknames including Unicorns, Obezags, Criminals, Midgets, Maniacs, Orphans, Nimrods and the Arkansas School For the Deaf Leopards. Pour some sugar on us because this is one sweet Jockularity Show.