DIRTPOD 015: “Dead Homiez”

Get ready to pour some of your 40 out on the streets, because in this episode, the Boys talk about the greatest losses in music history. Music has had some tragic losses, some weren’t their fault, some were!Some were way before their time, some we just weren’t ready to say goodbye.Some silenced music forever, some gave us new music that might not have existed otherwise!

On this episode we go through some of the biggest losses the music industry has ever suffered. Who changed the business? Who should’ve stayed? And who was the biggest loss in music history? They boys discuss all this and more in this new episode, so sit back, kick up your feet and get some tissues ready as we talk about the sadder side of music and the loss of some of our “Dead Homiez.”


Editor’s Note: The show ends with a song by a member of the ‘Club 27,’ Ron “Pigpen” McKernan and his band the Grateful Dead!

The song: ‘Smokestack Lightning,’ recorded on 2/19/1971 at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY.