SKETCH 005: “It’s a Gentle Forcing”

In this episode of Sketch Sandwich Jason and Natashia are joined by Chef Leonard Pettigrew to talk about his new book, ‘We Can Make It Work.’

‘We Can Make It Work,’ is a cookbook for people that have extreme food allergies, and food allergies are a thing that Leonard Pettigrew is very familiar with! Chef Pettigrew can only eat 17 foods.

Tune in and listen to another great episode of Sketch Sandwich.

DEREK SHEEN is a cuddly mess of insecurities, a gifted, one of a kind, storyteller. He’s quickly becoming a favorite among comedy fans all over the globe! He’s toured with Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Janeane Garofolo and Rory Scovel! His debut album “Holy Drivel” was recorded by iconic metal producer Matt Bayles (Minus the Bear, Mastodon, Isis) and is available from
NEW ALBUM is coming soon from Stand Up! Records.
“Dylan Gadino at Laughspin Magazine: “Equal parts-playful-and-absurd approach to self-deprecating comedy.” ”With Sheen, you never quite know what’s around the corner and that’s a good thing. He has a passion that is reminiscent of Lewis Black and his references will keep you on your toes.”
Daniel Berkowitz of “When Sheen’s at his best, he’s firing everything off with nuanced diction and rhythmical precision. He develops a Carlin-esque pace to his speech that only serves to amplify the already-high level of laughs.”

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