OUR 161: “Ray Guy Award Winner, Tom Hackett”

Former University of Utah Punter and two-time winner of the Ray Guy Award, Tom Hackett stopped by Ol’ Ute Radio with Johnny McKeon, Sascha Blume, and Brittany Johnson.

Tom explains how he got his start in Australian Rules football and how it taught him the core basics of Punting. Tom explains the difference between American Football and Australian Rules. Tom talks about his pro day and his experience at the NFL Combine and trying out for the New York Jets.

Tom talks about the importance of ‘Timing,’ when joining an NFL team and his plans for the future. Sascha talks his theory dubbed the “Bogut Effect”, referencing the rise in Australian athletes in the state of Utah including Dante Exum with the Utah Jazz and Andrew Bogut.

Tom talks about the difficulty of living in a different country, getting in football shape, and adjusting to the culture of Utah and Salt Lake City. Tom mentions his new position as an intern at ESPN 700 and talks about a potential career in media.

Sascha reveals to Tom the reason for having him on the show. Tom and Sacha have a history leading back to a 2013 football game! In the pregame warm-ups, Tom struck Sascha with a football while Sascha was on a ladder. It’s hilarious!

Johnny asks about the story behind Tom’s speech about BYU and winning the Ray Guy Award.

Tom closes out the show talking about his Fake Punt play, having Travis Wilson as both a quarterback and roommate and his relationship with the University of Utah, Head Coach Kyle Whittingham.

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