AREA 52 051: “A Royal Loss”

A Royal Loss

In August of 1997, a car entered a tunnel in Paris, France but it never came out. It struck a pillar inside the tunnel, killing 3 of its 4 inhabitants and leaving behind a world in shock and questions that still remain unanswered today.

This, of course, was the day Princess Diana, a woman who was loved the world over, a humanitarian and philanthropist, died tragically at the age of 37 in a horrible car accident, but was it an accident? Some believe she was actually killed. Some say it was the overzealous and aggressive paparazzi who caused an intoxicated speeding driver to crash, others believe in a royal conspiracy to protect the bloodline involving MI6, while still others claim that it was clearly the reptilian lizard people who really control England that were behind the whole thing.

So join us this week as we examine the details, facts, rumors and legends that surround the tragic death of the People’s Princess, Lady Diana.