SOUNDCHECK 049: “The 1-2 Manys”

The 1-2 Manys stopped by The Salt Lake Soundcheck to give us 2 new songs (Soundcheck Exclusives) and to let us know where they are playing live this Friday.
We found out where they are playing live and who with and when the new album will be ready. Also, how did The 1-2 Manys get there name?
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The Salt Lake Soundcheck – Playlist 01.05.2020

(Highlighted Songs are Featured in Podcast)

Truce In Blood – The Righteous
The 1-2 Manys – Gotta Get Away (Soundcheck Exclusive)
Berlin Breaks – Lucifer (Soundcheck Exclusive)
City Ghost – Silver to Gold
The 1-2 Manys – Summertime (Soundcheck Exclusive)
Citizen Hypocrisy – Scream
Poonhammer – Mama’s Booty
The 1-2 Manys – Gotta Get Away (Encore)