AREA 52 098: “OMJ”

The OJ Simpson trial was one of the most famous and well-covered events in television history. From the non-stop media coverage of the killings and the car chase, to the televised daily court proceedings and non-stop pop culture references, we are all familiar with the story and circumstances we were told; but with the release of a new documentary, the idea that whether or not OJ killed anyone is once again up in the air. This week, we discuss the theory that perhaps Nicole was mixed up in something bigger than just disagreements and domestic violence with her ex-husband, and that maybe, her and Ron were actually victims of a serial killer. A fascinating idea, that seems to answer some questions, while creating entirely new ones. Join us as we talk about this new version of the events from that night, as well as a possible new theory in the Madeline McCann abduction, a weird NXIUM party story from 2007 involving some very familiar names, and possible reptilian shape shifting glitches caught on TV cameras. Yeah, it’s a wild one.