AREA 52 099: “Hidden Harvest”

Were you aware that every year, tens of thousands of political prisoners in China are killed for their organs? Or that those organs are then sold to people needing organ transplants, but don’t want to wait? And that in China, you can even schedule the day you want your operation, effectively turning it into murder for profit? Probably not, because despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of religious practitioners known as the Falun Gong have gone missing, gotten arrested and thrown into concentration camps, or been outright murdered, there seems to be no real coverage or outrage from the American media. Is this because of Chinese business interests behind the scenes? And could the same propaganda machine that demonized the Falun Gong in China, currently is at work right here in America? Join us this week as we look into the horrifying rumors of Chinese organ harvesting, as well as discuss the existential possibilities of a mind-blowing interview from 1994 with a man named Alex Collier, that not only ties quite a few unexplained things together but also seems to predict our current state with almost scary accuracy. So buckle up as we finally figure out alien politics, understand our place in the universe and just maybe discover the actual meaning of life.