AREA 52 99.9: “B-List Boogeymen”

Most of us are familiar with the more famous cryptids that are out there, like Sasquatch, Loch Ness, and the Chupacabra, but for every well-known monster that supposedly exists, there are dozens of reported creatures and sightings that don’t get the same exposure, but are just as intriguing and terrifying. Join us this week, as […]

AREA 52 099.3/4: “Reasonable Doubt”

This week, in the wake of recent developments in the case, we take a look back at the tragic 2002 murder of pregnant California woman, Laci Peterson, and the subsequent infamous trial of her husband, Scott Peterson. This case gripped the attention of the media, who fanned the flames of speculation, swayed public opinion, and […]

AREA 52 099.5: “Cvlt Following”

We live in a crazy world, and many people are looking for something bigger than themselves to help it all make sense. Unfortunately for some, they never discover the answers they are looking for, and end up just finding more questions, and oftentimes, even pain, by finding their way into a cult. This week, we […]