DIRTPOD 002: “Oros & Us”

Episode #2 | World traveling singer, guitarist, wig aficionado and Ski bum Tony Oros sits in with Guy to tell his view of the world from behind the mic, his love for brownies and who the biggest jerk in music is. Also in studio is Comedienne Eileen Dobbins who is a homeschooled Mormon from Montana, with a surprisingly enlightened […]

STUPID 001: “Ummm….. But What About Prom?”

“How did you learn social skills?” “So what was that like?  Did you just watch cartoons all day?” On our first episode we are going to find out what it is like to be home schooled. Tune in for our first show as Jason asks fellow comedian Eileen Dobbins about what it was like being home schooled. http://lennondesignllc.com/wp-content/audio/stupid-questions/001-stupid-questions.mp3