AREA 52 011: “That Day in September, Part 1”

In their first 2-part episode, the crew dives into the many unanswered questions surrounding one of America’s darkest days, September 11th, 2001. Leaving behind death, destruction and fear, 9/11 changed us forever but it also left some very obvious and glaring contradictions between what we all witnessed and what the government said officially happened. In […]

AREA 52 009: “Illuminati By Nature”

The Illuminati! We’ve all heard the name. We know the signs. We know who we think is part of it. But does it exist? Is there really a giant, secret evil organization that controls everything, from music and movies to the news, even elections and wars? And have musicians, television shows, card games and stone […]

AREA 52 008: “Famously Suspicious”

When celebrities die, it hits the public hard, especially when they die before their time! It’s even harder for us when they die under mysterious circumstances that leave no closure and so many unanswered questions! Some of those deaths end up spawning crazy conspiracy theories! In this episode, we discuss some of the more famous, […]

AREA 52 007: “What the Hell Happened Here?!?”

Sometimes mysterious things happen that require no belief in the paranormal at all! We’re talking of course about mysterious murders and disappearances! Over the years, countless people have been murdered or just plain disappeared without any explanation or suspect, leaving nothing behind but questions. In this episode, we talk about a few of the famous, […]

AREA 52 003: “Some Dude in a Shed!”

This week on AREA-52, we discuss everyone’s favorite possibly-real North American forest ape, Sasquatch.  From Native American lore and legend, to Harry & the Hendersons, we talk about all the possibilities, as well as examine some really interesting recordings of what might be the voice of Bigfoot. Oh, and we also try to hold in our […]

AREA 52 001: “Ground Zero”

Welcome to AREA 52, a new podcast that talks about the paranormal, the supernatural and the unexplained. Hosted by comedians Marcus, Eric Ripley and Marcus’ wife and ghost hunting partner, Dani, three hilarious “open-minded skeptics” who are fascinated by the possibility of what might be out there. Join them as they discuss UFOs, aliens, Bigfoot, ghosts, […]