AREA 52 043: “Dark Disney”

Disney is part of everyone’s growing up. We watched all their movies, we know the characters and all the songs, we’ve been to their theme parks, it’s good old fashioned family fun that everyone can enjoy! But Disney also has a dark side, including a history of racism and sexism, ties to the FBI, employee […]

AREA 52 018: “Scared Stiff”

This week we’re joined by special guest, comedian and paranormal connoisseur, Melissa Merlot to discuss the strange phenomenon of sleep paralysis and its ties to accounts of both alien abduction andĀ terrifying shadow people! Is it paranormal? Are they ghosts? Are they aliens coming down to steal us for experiments? Or is it just all in […]

AREA 52 013: “Ready, Set, Ghost”

Being our 13th episode, we thought we’d dedicate it to one of our favorite subjects: Ghosts! All of us at Area 52 have no doubt that they are real, but what exactly they actually are is still something we’re trying to figure out. In this episode, we also welcome guest Ben McKeeth, the co-producer and […]

AREA 52 001: “Ground Zero”

Welcome to AREA 52, a new podcast thatĀ talks about the paranormal, the supernatural and the unexplained. Hosted by comedians Marcus, Eric Ripley and Marcusā€™ wife and ghost hunting partner, Dani, three hilarious ā€œopen-minded skepticsā€ who are fascinated by the possibility of what might be out there. Join them as they discuss UFOs, aliens, Bigfoot, ghosts, […]