AREA 52 099.3/4: “Reasonable Doubt”

This week, in the wake of recent developments in the case, we take a look back at the tragic 2002 murder of pregnant California woman, Laci Peterson, and the subsequent infamous trial of her husband, Scott Peterson. This case gripped the attention of the media, who fanned the flames of speculation, swayed public opinion, and […]

AREA 52 075: “Arias 52”

In June of 2008, Travis Alexander was brutally murdered at his home in Mesa, Arizona. The only suspect in the crime was his ex-girlfriend, a woman named Jodi Arias, who at first denied any involvement, but after her story didn’t add up and undeniable evidence tying her to the scene started surfacing, she eventually confessed, […]

AREA 52 024: “If Walls Could Talk”

In November 2007, a British girl named Meredith Kercher was found murdered in a small town in Italy. The media circus that ensued fascinated the entire world and the prime suspect, her roommate, American Amanda Knox, became a household name. Now, almost 10 years later, we look back on the crime, the theories, the evidence […]