AREA 52 079: “Skeptiholics”

We are finally back and have a lot to talk about! Since we’ve been gone, we’ve watched a couple paranormal documentaries, examined a few interesting Twitter-based conspiracies and finally got our hands on some of the Vegas footage we’ve been waiting for, but is any of it actually convincing? Join us this week as we […]

AREA 52 052 : “Episode 52”

52 episodes. 52 weeks of crazy topics. 52 Area 52s. It’s been a fun and wild ride, so for our 52nd episode we wanted to do something special. This week, we take a look back and discuss our favorite moments, topics and theories that we’ve covered. From Nazi aliens in Antarctica and Bigfoot talking, to […]

AREA 52 021: “Second Time Around”

Reincarnation is a belief shared by millions of people around the world! Certain religions believe it to be an absolute truth but unfortunately, it’s not something that western science can prove. However, there are documented cases from all around the world of people who say they can remember their past lives! Some of these memories […]

AREA 52 018: “Scared Stiff”

This week we’re joined by special guest, comedian and paranormal connoisseur, Melissa Merlot to discuss the strange phenomenon of sleep paralysis and its ties to accounts of both alien abduction and terrifying shadow people! Is it paranormal? Are they ghosts? Are they aliens coming down to steal us for experiments? Or is it just all in […]

AREA 52 017: “Time Out”

We’ve all thought about it. What if we could go back in time or travel to the future? It’s a fascinating idea and the subject of dozens of movies and TV shows, all of which take a different approach. Well, just like in the movies, there are also real life stories of people who have […]

AREA 52 013: “Ready, Set, Ghost”

Being our 13th episode, we thought we’d dedicate it to one of our favorite subjects: Ghosts! All of us at Area 52 have no doubt that they are real, but what exactly they actually are is still something we’re trying to figure out. In this episode, we also welcome guest Ben McKeeth, the co-producer and […]

AREA 52 007: “What the Hell Happened Here?!?”

Sometimes mysterious things happen that require no belief in the paranormal at all! We’re talking of course about mysterious murders and disappearances! Over the years, countless people have been murdered or just plain disappeared without any explanation or suspect, leaving nothing behind but questions. In this episode, we talk about a few of the famous, […]

AREA 52 003: “Some Dude in a Shed!”

This week on AREA-52, we discuss everyone’s favorite possibly-real North American forest ape, Sasquatch.  From Native American lore and legend, to Harry & the Hendersons, we talk about all the possibilities, as well as examine some really interesting recordings of what might be the voice of Bigfoot. Oh, and we also try to hold in our […]

AREA 52 001: “Ground Zero”

Welcome to AREA 52, a new podcast that talks about the paranormal, the supernatural and the unexplained. Hosted by comedians Marcus, Eric Ripley and Marcus’ wife and ghost hunting partner, Dani, three hilarious “open-minded skeptics” who are fascinated by the possibility of what might be out there. Join them as they discuss UFOs, aliens, Bigfoot, ghosts, […]