STUPID 011: “You Have Cancer”

I don’t normally get this personal in the description of the episode. But I feel this episode deserves a little bit more than a small description. A little under a year ago Natashia Mower a fellow comedian and very close friend of mine came to and informed me that a mutual friend of ours and one of her closest friends, Christie Sorensen, had just been diagnosed with cancer.

Christie was a favorite of mine to see at comedy shows I don’t ever recall her ever being in anything but a great mood and full of life. She was a delight to see from the stage because she has a permanent smile on her face. So finding out someone so young and happy was no dealing with the disease that I personally find most terrifying.

We are lucky to have Christie on the podcast today. I say lucky because I’ve never had such a heartfelt interview that has allowed me into the absolute horror that is fighting cancer! Christie really opens up as she recalls being diagnosed with cancer. It’s heartbreaking to hear as she reflects back on the treatment that doctor’s hope will kill the cancer before it kills her.
I have done a lot of shows I’ve been very happy with, but I don’t think any have been as heartfelt and touching as this episode. Thank you so much for joining us and talking about Christie’s courageous fight against cancer.