OTHER 001: “Jordan Harris”

Jordan Harris a local comedienne and runs a comedy show in SLC called Buxom and Bawdy with fellow comedienne Rachel Rothenberg. The next show is June 17 at the Metro Music Hall.

TICKETS: https://www.24tix.com/

Jordan has been working as a high-risk labor and delivery nurse for nearly a decade. Although helping other people have babies through the majority of her childbearing years has her donating her biological clock to the nearest non-denominational charity, her experiences both beautiful and traumatic have only enhanced her sarcastic, bawdy, and sometimes dark sense of humor. So if you’ve ever been born, or know anyone who has, check out this SLC funny lady!

You can find her on
IG: @jordanleilaniani
FB: Jordan Leilani Harris

You can also check out her stand-up comedy production company
BUXOM & BAWDY of which Rachel Rothenberg, another SLC funny lady, makes up the other half of this platonic power couple.

You can find B&B on:
IG: @buxomandbawdy
or join their email subscriber list by emailing: buxomandbawdystandup@gmail.com
To keep up with what they’ve got cooking and receive exclusive subscriber discounts to their upcoming shows!!