OUR 090: “Jackson Banks, Mike Grover & Spence Roper”

Episode 90 starts off with a bang. Ol’ Ute Radio co navigates life with OUR friend and teammate: Jackson Banks. The three have a conversation that is both hilarious and perhaps wildly inappropriate. ‘OUR’ is proud to have Mikey Grover and Spence Roper joins the chaos. Enjoy these beautiful men on twitter: @spenceroper @mikeygrover @jackzybanksy […]

OUR 086, Part1: “The ‘Black Klansman’ Ron Stallworth”

http://earwholemedia.com/wp-content/audio/ol-ute-radio/OUR_Ep086pt1.mp3 Former Sergeant and Undercover police officer Ron Stallworth is also the author of ‘Black Klansman’. ‘Black Klansman,’ was #3 on Amazon’s Best Seller List in the Organized True Crime category. The rights to the book and his life story have been optioned by a major Hollywood production company with the intent to turn it […]