OUR 116: “From Belfast to Zion!”

OUR’s Sascha Blume and returning Co-host Johnny McKeon interview Brian Higgins, a Protestant refugee from Belfast Ireland who shares his stories of growing up during the height of “the Troubles” inNorthern Ireland between the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) and of the Ulster VolunteerForce (UVF). Brian shares his experiences in Belfast, his escape to America and his unique method […]

JOCKULARITY 025: “DJ Jazzy Jody Edition”

http://earwholemedia.com/wp-content/audio/jockularity/025-djjazzyjody.mp3 On this edition of The Jockularity Show Utah Jazz beat writer Jody Genessy (@DJJazzyJody) of the Deseret News joins Rick Aaron and Dave Wilbur to talk about the team he covers, the NBA travel grind, the Playoffs, the Draft and his own personal struggles with depression and his weight. Then Jody sticks around to […]

JOCKULARITY 024: “Jan Jorgensen Edition”

http://earwholemedia.com/wp-content/audio/jockularity/024-janjorgensen.mp3 On this edition of The Jockularity Show, former BYU football standout Jan “Janimal” Jorgensen drops by the Jockularity studios to discuss his Cougar glory days and his subsequent careers as a sports talk radio host, an MMA fighter and a high school football coach. Janimal hangs around to chime in on the Tiger Woods/Lindsey […]

SKETCH 002: “That’s Some Good Social Media”

In this episode of Sketch Sandwich, Natashia recruits Christopher Stephenson to help stage an intervention for Jason. They confront him about his addiction to oversharing on social media and its impact on their lives. Feelings get hurt, friendships get tested and hashes get tagged. http://earwholemedia.com/wp-content/audio/sketch-sandwich/002-sketch-sandwich.mp3 Christopher Stephenson: Facebook | Twitter

STUPID 006: “There’s No Electricity That Close To My Hole”

This episode of stupid questions Jason’s ADD takes over and Dustin Hagen is in the studio. Tune in as Jason and Dustin talk about voicing cartoon animals, batman (of course we talk about Batman, Dustin is our guest), Legos, Heroin addicted substitute teachers, and more. http://earwholemedia.com/wp-content/audio/stupid-questions/006-stupid-questions.mp3

DIRTPOD 001: “Beau Knows!”

Guy interviews former cop, NFL player and butt-kicker Beau Babka. We discuss the dirt on cop stories, propositions and what he has seen in back seats of cars. Co-hosting is comedian Andy Gold. http://earwholemedia.com/wp-content/audio/dirtpod/001-dirtpod.mp3 Beau Babka: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube LINKS: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter It’s happening the first episode of @GuySeidel […]