OUR 098: “Nirvana’s Lead Belly & Michelle Bodkin”

http://utahpodcastnetwork.com/wp-content/audio/ol-ute-radio/OUR_Ep098.mp3 Episode 98 of ‘OUR,’ begins with your hosts Rebecca and Sascha filling you in on what’s going on at the University of Utah. They give details about upcoming events, opportunities for free food and ways to get involved and make the most of your college experience. Afterwards, the two play through some good music […]

OUR 090: “Jackson Banks, Mike Grover & Spence Roper”

Episode 90 starts off with a bang. Ol’ Ute Radio co navigates life with OUR friend and teammate: Jackson Banks. The three have a conversation that is both hilarious and perhaps wildly inappropriate. ‘OUR’ is proud to have Mikey Grover and Spence Roper joins the chaos. Enjoy these beautiful men on twitter: @spenceroper @mikeygrover @jackzybanksy […]