DIRTPOD 050: “Episode 50!”

It’s been a minute, but we’re back! In our first episode in almost two months, which also happens to be our milestone 50th episode, we give you a mega-review of all the concerts we’ve seen this summer and reminisce about our favorite old Salt Lake bars. We also discuss the best metal riffs of all-time […]

CRE8TIVITY 021: “Shayne Smith”

For our 21st episode, we are joined by comedian¬†SHAYNE SMITH,¬†who¬†was¬†voted¬†Best¬†Alternative Comedian of¬†2016 by City¬†Weekly! With Shayne, Your Cre8tivity dives into how it all began in comedy for him and his¬†struggles, staying focused and always working on your craft! We also get¬†into the wacky and dark adventures that he has experienced through his podcast Freaky Geeks, […]

CRE8TIVITY 019: “Ngaio Bealum”

Comedian¬†NGAIO BEALUM joined Your Cre8tivity‘s Dylan Mazziotti via Google Hangout to talk creativity & cannabis. We also discussed his many careers as a writer, comedian, podcaster, juggler and public speaker! Puff, Puff, Give…. Us a Listen! http://lennondesignllc.com/wp-content/audio/cre8tivity/cre8tivity-ep019.mp3 SOCIAL: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Earlier Today, via Google Hangouts, @mrmazziotti spoke with @ngaio420 about creativity, cannabis, […]

DIRTPOD 046: “The Eyes Have It”

We’re back and a whole lot has happened since last time, so buckle in! We discuss Allen’s recent eye surgery in all its horrific and terrifying detail, talk about all of the concerts Guy has been to since last time and interview professional wrestler and Marcus’ better half, Marti Daniels. Also, new music reviews, an […]

OUR 168: “Comedian Jacob Leigh”

Comedian Jacob Leigh stops by the studio to hang with Johnny McKeon and Sascha Blume. Leigh has been a mainstay in the local comedy community for years, but has recently become more popular online with his series of viral videos. Leigh credits his recent success to his pursuit of being a more genuine and positive […]

CRE8TIVITY 013: “Andy Gold”

The Golden Spike Comedy Festival¬†was amazing! Our friend and comedian ANDY GOLD¬†came to town from LA to participate and kill! Your Creativity‘s own Dylan had the opportunity to sit down with him in the backroom of one of the festival venues. We talked comedy, LA & the return of his Big Wet Podcast! http://lennondesignllc.com/wp-content/audio/cre8tivity/cre8tivity-ep013.mp3 B […]

DIRTPOD 044: “Cannabis Corpse”

This week, friend of the podcast and human music trivia machine, Jay Horrocks, stops by to see if Guy can stump him. We also discuss the maddeningly specific circumstances under which Guy will smoke pot for the first time and why we might actually be able to pull it off this year, the non-stop summer […]