DIRTPOD 011: “Rip-Off Shop!”

The guys talk about songs that sound like other songs, are they stolen or influenced? One Direction may be the Kings (queens) of stealing songs. The announcement of DIRTPOD LIVE! and the usual tomfoolery of these three dudes makes for a good listen. Share! Tweet! http://earwholemedia.com/wp-content/audio/dirtpod/011-dirtpod.mp3

DIRTPOD 010: “Own Up To It!”

The guys decide to put their phones on shuffle and ‘Own Up,’ to whatever songs come up, be it good, bad or embarrassing. Has the world witnessed the biggest advancement in technology? Sounding like old farts, we talk about how different life was just 20 years ago and how every single episode of Seinfeld could […]

DIRTPOD 008: “Missing Persons!”

This week, Allen is making the trek home from the Sturgis motorcycle rally so Marcus and Guy enlisted the help of Salt Lake Soundcheck, Corky! The boys talk about…music of course and what role their parents, if any had in their musical tastes, preteen life hanging out in malls when malls were cool, the New […]

DIRTPOD 002: “Oros & Us”

Episode #2 | World traveling singer, guitarist, wig aficionado and Ski bum Tony Oros sits in with Guy to tell his view of the world from behind the mic, his love for brownies and who the biggest jerk in music is. Also in studio is Comedienne Eileen Dobbins who is a homeschooled Mormon from Montana, with a surprisingly enlightened […]

DIRTPOD 001: “Beau Knows!”

Guy interviews former cop, NFL player and butt-kicker Beau Babka. We discuss the dirt on cop stories, propositions and what he has seen in back seats of cars. Co-hosting is comedian Andy Gold. http://lennondesignllc.com/wp-content/audio/dirtpod/001-dirtpod.mp3 Beau Babka: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube LINKS: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter It’s happening the first episode of @GuySeidel […]