OUR 031: “Jake Keenum”

Director Jake Keenum left the Air Force after serving three years as a diesel mechanic in 2011. He packed his coupe with everything that could fit and left Little Rock, Arkansas to head out west to Utah. Jake had no connections when he arrived to Utah; he left all his friends and family behind. All Jake had was a dream and his passion for film. Jake found a roommate on Craigslist and a church on Google, so after a month of moving to Utah, Jake found his community. He recently married his wife last May. Now, Jake has completed his first feature length film, started a LLC in videography and photography and is in the process of closing on his first home.

12 Til Dusk

“12 Til Dusk” was originally written as a Western before Director Jake Keenum decided to make it a contemporary tale of morality and consequences.”12 Til Dusk” tells the story of a former gang member who turns his life around to raise a family. His past life of poverty and violence catches up to him, and in the process, loses his family at gunpoint and is ordered to wage war on another gang leader or face dire consequences.
The film was revamped after Jake Keenum spent a great deal of time at the Salt Lake Youth Detention Center. Jake learned that the lack of father figures or proper role-models was the prime factor in these youths becoming involved in gang life. The need for a father to teach a child right from wrong before entering adulthood is so critical that without it, the children are lost. This need for fathering is a central theme and driving force of “12 Til Dusk.” The film is currently in post production and is scheduled for completion in summer 2014.