OUR 100: “Andy Gold, Marty Archibald, P-RAMA, Jay Whittaker, Christian Pieper, Jackson Banks & Ali Timmons”

On Ol’ Ute Radio’s special 100th episode, your favorite hosts, Rebecca and Sascha, invite many of their previous guests and dear friends of ‘OUR,’ into the studio. The gang celebrates the 100th episode and says farewell to Rebecca as she moves out of Salt Lake City and steps down as co-host of the show. In the first half hour alone, the two welcome Andy Gold, Marty Archibald, Patrick Ramirez and Jay Whittaker- with Christian Pieper not far behind. The conversation goes just about everywhere. While focus isn’t their strong suit, humor is and this bunch will be sure to have you laughing throughout.

Find the comedians on Twitter @andyagold @martyarchibald @patrickinmyhead @tokenjay@PieperComedy
After Andy, Marty and Christian exit the studio, the remaining four discuss things like hip-hop, growing up in LA and the future of OUR. Sascha announces that Patrick Ramirez will be filling Rebecca’s spot as co-host beginning next Tuesday night.
Once the funny guys exit studio, Rebecca is surprised with a phone call from Amethyst Mojito and Jackson Banks. Calling from Los Angeles, Amethyst calls to wish Rebecca luck in her future endeavors and to say farewell. Jackson also makes an appearance and says a few words of his own.

The last fifteen minute segment is the cherry on top as your hosts welcome Ali Timmons back into studio. Her second time on the show, Ali brings both talent and entertainment for OUR listeners and hosts alike. Performing two originals, “Jellyfish” and an untitled piece she recently finished, Ali wows with her beautiful voice and guitar-playing. As the 100th show draws to an end, Ali plays out the end of the show as Rebecca tells Sascha and every single OUR listener her deepest thanks and adios.