DIRTPOD 004: “The Comedians’ Table”

Have you ever wanted to sit down and hang with comedians? Your host Guy Seidel invites you to listen in on a comedian round table with his guests Jay Whittaker, Christian Pieper and Andy Gold. They talk stories from their experiences as comedians! Bad gigs, good gigs and strip clubs. http://lennondesignllc.com/wp-content/audio/dirtpod/004-dirtpod.mp3 DIRTPOD: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter […]

JACKY 023: “Blaximus, Please!”

Jackson Banks, trapped in the year 1500 hundred since his K-UTE cancellation, has aligned himself with the all-powerful Blaximus under his alter-ego Squire Jack.  But when Blaximus neglects Squire Jack in favor of wenches; the young farmhand time travels to find male approval. http://lennondesignllc.com/wp-content/audio/camp-jacky/023-camp-jacky.mp3

OUR 100: “Andy Gold, Marty Archibald, P-RAMA, Jay Whittaker, Christian Pieper, Jackson Banks & Ali Timmons”

On Ol’ Ute Radio’s special 100th episode, your favorite hosts, Rebecca and Sascha, invite many of their previous guests and dear friends of ‘OUR,’ into the studio. The gang celebrates the 100th episode and says farewell to Rebecca as she moves out of Salt Lake City and steps down as co-host of the show. In […]