OUR 108: “Michelle Bodkin (Rivals.com), Seth Tippets & Jackson Banks”

Today on the show,  Michelle Bodkin tells us how the dream season is still alive. The Utes are a grind it out kind of team, so listen to find out how they approach Arizona this Saturday in the final home game which also happens to be senior day. Special uniforms are lock and loaded. Coming off a needed win against the Stanford Cardinal Michelle explains the unusual nature of their band and I explain how all stadiums should be judged by their concessions stands.

Things quickly get out of control as per usual when the rambunctious Jackson Banks joins in for the last part of the show. He’s accompanied by his merry gang which includes Seth Tippets this time. Tippets comes out swinging and lets us know how he got his most recent role as “Glen Guglia” in the recent production of “The Wedding Singer” the musical.

Jackson has just gotten back from Boston flexing his comedy talents. What happened there? He tells us of a most unusual experience involving the ladies. He’s not one to spare the details so find out his exact situation before it changes again. You’ll love it, I swear.