PEOPLE’S PODSHOW 001: “Ground Zero…”

Nowhere To Go But Up…

I almost let the perfect timing to talk about Black History Month, Black Lives Matter, and police brutality go because I’m on…. Nah, I’m not gonna say it. Black History Month just ended, and with every passing year people tend to pose the same questions: why does Black History Month exist? Is it important to celebrate or is it an antiquated ritual that needs to be abolished?

Let me put this on record. I am a HUGE fan of Black History Month! Black History Month is a perfect way to show America how integral my ancestors were to the development of this country despite a stacked deck. At the BHM events I went to I chose to share a story about a man named James P. Beckwourth who blazed trails through Utah before it was a state in the Union.

Don’t be afraid to express your pride in your heritage in healthy ways!

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