STUPID 026: “Chattin’ With Afro Omega’s Bronte James!”

Thanks for listening to another episode of Stupid Questions with Jason Harvey. I love and appreciate you all.

First off I should say this, Don’t Do Heroin! Do Not Do Heroin!! But seriously don’t do it! Heroin is bad, and there is some really bad heroin going around Salt Lake City and the United States.

Last week I saw a video of a person overdosing on a bus in Philadelphia, it’s a bigger problem than I ever realized, and it’s even affecting people here in Salt Lake City!

Our guest on this episode has had two people who are very close to him die from heroin!

Don’t Do Heroin!!

Now that we have got that issue out of the way, my guest on the show is a good friend of mine, Bronte James. You may know him from his band Afro Omega or from seeing him around town just being an all-around great guy.

Bronte and I shoot the shit for a bit. We talk about Willie’s and that racist situation that cost me a stand up show. We talk his battle with cancer and the corruption of the medical industry.

This was a great conversation, and there was a lot that we touched on very little and I’m hoping to get back and talk to him more. I would love to revisit talking about the food we eat and how it relates to cancer, and talk more about his cancer treatment.

Check out this episode. Thanks again for listening, and DON’T DO HEROIN.

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