OUR 149: “Frankie Corrigan, Frankie & Jess Show on 97.1 ZHT!”

Johnny McKeon, Sascha Blume, and Brittany Johnson welcome Frankie from the Frankie & Jess Show on 97.1 ZHT!

Frankie delves into his roots in Detroit, his start in radio and the importance of developing a great work ethic!

Frankie mentions the importance of vulnerability and authenticity in a DJ and how he preps his show! He also discusses the importance of finding balance between work and his personal life.

Frankie explains his love for the Salt Lake market!

He gives advice on dealing with office politics and how he deals with having to be competitive

Frankie closes out the show by sharing his side of the Opie & Anthony ‘Jocktober,’ incident!

All this and More On Ol’ Ute Radio!

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