STUPID 032: “This Dude Is A Cop!”

Comedian Dave Ross

Oh wow! Today’s episode is great! We have Dave Ross on this episode. You might know Dave from seeing him on Comedy Central’s Drunk History, or maybe you listened to him on WTF with Marc Maron, possibly you have seen his sketch group WOMEN on or!

Either way you may know him and if not you should look him up!

He’s hilarious and a really good person!

Dave Ross came through town to do a show at Ahh Sushi/O’Shucks!

We meant to talk about our love for Nirvana and talk about their huge influence on music, but never even got to it at all. We end up talking about the Bible and its odd rules for abusing women!

Is New Jersey pretty much just the same as New York, but not, but pretty much the same? We talk about Holy Fuck the great comedy show that Dave ran in LA, and some of the shows he ran that didn’t catch on.

Dave was a very fun person to talk with and was such a funny comedian to see live. Definitely check him out.

Dave Ross:

Twitter: davetotheross

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