AREA 52 073: “Cop Outs”

We’re back! And this week, in what looks to be our final episode of the year, we update you once again on our biggest story of the year, the mass shooting in Las Vegas. We discuss allegations made in a recently released documentary called “What Happened In Vegas”, a new film that chronicles a series of police brutality incidents and a pattern of corruption in the Las Vegas Metro Police Department.

From shooting unarmed citizens without cause and using excessive force to smearing victims in the media and executing illegal tactics to get results, this damning evidence seems to paint a long history of corruption, changing narratives to fit both the police and their big money contributors best intestate and losing or destroying evidence that was happening long before this year’s horrible incident.

Join us as we discuss the documentary, the time line of apparent deceit and the series of sickening incidents and behavior that lead right up to the concert shooting. We also briefly discuss the holidays and our favorite Christmas movies because we didn’t want to talk about this awful stuff again. Show us your hands, get down on the ground and enjoy the episode!

Happy Holidays and have a great New Year’s.