AREA 52 073: “Cop Outs”

We’re back! And this week, in what looks to be our final episode of the year, we update you once again on our biggest story of the year, the mass shooting in Las Vegas. We discuss allegations made in a recently released documentary called “What Happened In Vegas”, a new film that chronicles a series […]

AREA 52 070: “Sinners & Saints”

Recorded just hours after news of the terrible Texas church shooting broke news, we discuss the few details we have of this developing story. We also look into new developments in the Vegas shooting including a possible motive, even more new changes to the pre-shooting timeline and we talk about Sheriff Joe Lombardo’s recent in-depth […]

OUR 125: “Las Vegas Comedian, Steve Mcnelly” Johnny McKeon has a crisis of faith when a blown tire reveals his inadequacies as a man and spirals into his issues with living in the woods. Sascha Blume explains his confidence in his manhood. Blume ra on professionalism in sports broadcasting in Utah, he highlights the hardships of working in media and his […]