SOUNDCHECK 003: “Sleeping Tigers”

This week on The Salt Lake Soundcheck (Sunday Nights at 10pm), Corky and Adam Boss hung out with Sleeping Tigers in the KBER studios.

We discussed their new tunes, where & when they are playing at a venue near you and The Sleeping Tigers favorite Zoo Animal.

Also we ask the question what is a group of Mongoose’s called? Mongeese? Mongi?

Give The Salt Lake Soundcheck Podcast a listen and learn something new…..and hear some new tunes from My Private Island and Them Evils along with Sleeping Tigers. The Salt Lake Soundcheck is brought to you by Outlaw Distillery….Outlaw

The Salt Lake Soundcheck Playlist:

Highlighted songs are highlighted on the podcast.

Sleeping Tigers – Railroads

Them Evils – Got Me Rockin’

-Penrose – Make You Love Me

– Ginger & The Gents – In The Music

My Private Island – Heart Of Gold

Sleeping Tigers – Ancient Request