SOUNDCHECK 005: “Life Has A Way (LHAW)”

Remember that one time that Life Has A Way (LHAW) was on The Salt Lake Soundcheck, May 27th 2018? Well, here it is again in Podcast Form……Give it a listen….you will learn all about Spam, Adam Boss’ new nickname, what you want to bring to the show on June 8th and how to say Sevidemic. You can listen to some music by Life Has A Way, Hemlock and Poonhammer. Check it out and support The Salt Lake Local Music Scene and The Salt Lake Soundcheck brought to you by Outlaw Distillery a Local Distillery.

The Salt Lake Soundcheck Playlist 5.27.18
Brought to you by Outlaw Distillery (
(Highlighted Songs are Featured in Podcast)

Life Has A Way – G.F.B.F.U
Berlin Breaks – I Can’t Breathe
Hemlock – Scam Artist
Poonhammer – Rowdy
Outside Of Society – I Don’t Mean It At All (Soundcheck Exclusive)
Life Has A Way – The Pain